Tuesday, September 6, 2011

From the ITS Helicopter Control System to The New Circle of Fifths.

Welcome! You have arrived at a very unusual location where tonal space is relative to real inertial frame based time and your belief system will be tested as you step into the New World of UFT based Physics which came about as the result of the ITS Helicopter Control System that uses electronics to eliminate the adverse torque reaction in a single or duel rotor helicopter control system. It does not require a gyroscope or counter rotating blades and the original patent work was done by Murray K. Hatch who was my Father's patent attorney of the "Old School" where honor and integrity of law is still practiced.

The ITS design concept is so simple it is blinding in its basic concept's symmetry and due to legal issues remained undisclosed awaiting final patent work and filing until June 9, 2009 when the patent and legal papers, computers, control software, tooling, hardware, everything other than the current machine itself was stolen with other property in storage to acquire the legal papers and evidence supporting John F. Hendry vs. Maluhia Country Ranches Homeowners Association et al. Civil No 04-1-0127-02 twenty-one days before binding arbitration. This was a 9 nine year dispute and lawsuit over the claim a section of the MCR subdivision road is a Board member's driveway that stopped my access and development and cost almost half a million dollars using five attorneys to reach arbitration leaving the defendants and their insurance companies liable to many HOA members with damages in the multi-millions of dollars. The theft resulted in the lawsuit protecting me being dismissed and the  loss of MCR Lot 21 through illegal attorney conduct and activity. After June 9, 2009 the case was re-classified as a felony criminal conspiracy and became a chiminal case.

As a result of the theft of my property in storage it resulted in changes to my life responsible for an immediate string of discoveries including the location of the missing Graviton found unrecognized in science literature that led to the creation of the New Circle of Fifths that replaces the old incomplete Circle making it obsolete as long as a redundant outer wheel is used for the professionals used to seeing the odd numbers backwards. For those of you that are unaware of the Circle of Fifths, it is a tool found in every music student's first book on basic music theory and is the only tool used in teaching the language of music theory to students. It will soon be used in DNA research as well, and it is now more powerful and much easier to use.

For three years I had been trying to (cheat;-) copy the Circle of Fifths mathematically straight into the DNA's Gene Ensemble and Instance Summery, a similar tool of DNA language used for deciphering principles based on Ohm's law (which mirrors Ohm's summery of acoustic equations) after solving an important equation that showed me the two tools must be exactly the same mathematically. I assumed the Old Circle of Fifths was correct and DNA researchers had made a mess of it but they were closer to a working model concept than than the old circle created. What's interesting is the change copies my ITS Helicopter's basic fundamental principle using electronics and if I could go back in time I would only need 30 seconds talking to myself to point out the error and correct it. IE: I should have done this over 30 years ago before the DNA Gene Ensemble Summery was known and I was blabbing on endlessly about Ohm's law and the basic neurogenetic reflex action following laws found within the Basic Summery of Equations. But the discovery will have far more impact now by falling into a well shaped hole in a very large non-theoretical puzzle. Technically it is a 12 part song written in standard note notation as well as an image and other legal descriptions of software meaning it is protected by Copyright law, not Patent law.

Many talented musicians do not study and use the old Circle of Fifths and instead "play by ear", although for professional symphony orchestral players it is generally memorized and cross referenced in their brains to connect it to their ears. It is an important tool for understanding but the old Circle of Fifths did not have space set relative to time and this error kept many from using what should have been an intuitive tool. If you look at the New Circle of Fifths closely you will see two locations of time expressed: 00:00 and default 12:00.

The New Circle of Fifths establishes an "initial" or true inertial frame of reference, a still non-moving point of observation where time starts, a beginning point to count/measure time/space from. Real time is now back in the Physic's book, and this was accomplished by adding the Observer mentioned in Relativity Einstein said was separate from the Universe. He was half right, and his work was stopped due to this prejudice. Consciousness has Mass found only in the Weak Force. There is no Mass in the Strong Force where E=m+{a}c2 (same correction as "F=m+{a}a" for Newton's slight error noted thanks to the mirrors the Apollo 11 astronauts  left on the moon.) Our eyes see a speed of light clock gaining 3.2 sec every year, requiring the WF Asymmetry {a} value adjustment.

Time is not relative to multiple observers at the "same" time. Time is relative to a single Observer in multiple places in time. We are made of interacting octave level frequencies, and we happen "frequently" but not all at the same time. It just looks that way like the frames of a movie. The first law of Real Relativity states:
 "Relative to an Initial Inertial Frame of Reference there is only one Observer."
The Beatles called the Observer in Relativity the Eggman....so I'll just stick to the new map and keep Religion out of Physics so we can all play in tune and keep track of the part that makes Sense: Mass.

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